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Global Nexus Alliance

The Nexus of Positive Change


What We Do

Executive Summary

Global Nexus Alliance is a non profit organization (501c3 status pending) that works to address global issues of consequence, building strategies to proactively identify needs, acquire capabilities and establish operations to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and insight, and the application of innovative solutions to include data, technology, services, and expertise, in order to address emerging regional, national, or global challenges. Our team’s knowledge, skills, abilities and relationships are unique assets that we bring to our partners. Global Nexus Alliance collaborates with benefactors and applies resources to acquire and deliver solutions to needy beneficiaries, enabling them to improve the world.


Global Nexus Alliance offers significant assistance to needy beneficiaries by augmenting the services provided by existing charitable organizations, through engaging in outreach and operations -- providing educational and advisory services, acquiring and delivering innovative solutions.  The Global Nexus Alliance core functions include:

  • Outreach:

    • Educate and consult with benefactors and beneficiaries regarding application of innovative technology solutions to address identified needs

    • Advise and work with benefactors to better enable values-based investing, and with other charitable organizations to enable their success

  • Operations:

    • Serve as a strategic partner and solutions integrator for benefactors, working alongside other charitable organizations to address fundamental issues to deliver lasting positive change

    • Provide portfolio management for benefactors to ensure appropriate use of funds to achieve intended outcomes

    • Acquire capabilities and actively engage in providing identified solutions to needy beneficiaries


By partnering with academia and value-based technology and services companies to acquire and apply innovative solutions, and engaging in educational outreach, Global Nexus Alliance offers significant assistance to the existing charitable marketplace. The following are exemplary of opportunities for Global Nexus Alliance to partner with benefactors, and existing charitable nonprofits and humanitarian organizations, to provide underprivileged communities and local governments with support:

  • Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response (HADR)

  • Agriculture

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Health

  • Infrastructure (traditional and network)

  • Security

  • Stability Operations


Mission & Vision

Mission: Global Nexus Alliance brings together partners and applies resources to deliver capabilities, with a bias for action, to tackle issues of consequence in the world.

Vision: Global Nexus Alliance is at the nexus of helping to realize a better world.

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Founders' Note

We are mission focused, purpose driven people who are committed to improving our world. Before founding Global Nexus Alliance in 2015, we had a combined 40 years in the national security community, in defense and intelligence, in civilian and military capacities, working in a variety of areas ranging from policy and acquisitions to engineering and operations, around the globe. In our professional and volunteer experiences, we have seen opportunities to apply our expertise, and the technologies, techniques, tactics and procedures that we have used in the national security community in the humanitarian sector. We established Global Nexus Alliance in order to acquire and deliver solutions to needy beneficiaries, enabling them to improve the world. We are fortunate to have a group of talented like-minded people working alongside us, as board members and team members, to support this mission and realize the vision of making Global Nexus Alliance a nexus of positive change.

Michele Weslander Quaid & Christopher Quaid

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